Guerilla Lighting

On 4th March 2009, Douglas Development Partnership teamed up with local lighting company Luminaires and the Professional Lighting Designers Association to light landmark sites in the town.  Volunteers were recruited to deliver the project which involve focussing light from high powered torches with coloured filters onto predetermined parts of the buildings.  The aim of the project was to promote the value and impact of well designed architectural lighting.  It has led to the commissioning of a lighting strategy as part of the current town centre regeneration project.  Several of the sites used in the guerilla project are now being considered for lighting schemes.  A short film of the event can be viewed here.

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Bridge Seat

The “Bridge Seat” was designed by local artist Gavin Carter as part of the Quayside Public Art Programme.  The design is an obvious reference to the adjacent lifting bridge.  The use of heavy gauge steel expresses an empathy with other structures related to the maritime industry.  It is only at a second glance that the sense of balance and poise becomes the defining statement of the piece. 

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The Protaseat was designed by local artist Matt Owen as part of the Quayside Public Art Programme .  The design of the seat is based on microscopic sea creatures.  Each seat provides a slightly different view point or the inner harbour, the natural geographic feature around which the town of Douglas has grown.

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The Fifth Kingdom

These three seats were designed by local artist Kristian Edwards as part of the Quayside Public Art Programme.  The abstracted celtic cross design with the light shining out of the centre is inspired by the Isle of Man being centrally located in the Irish Sea between the other four kingdoms of the British Isles.  They are cut from Manx granite, traditionally a very important stone to the Island (keep an eye out for fabulous cornerstones!) The artist wanted to give this important and beautiful stone a contemporary twist, hence the lighting which also ties these pieces with the revamped surroundings of Douglas Quayside.

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Buckie Pots

The Buckie Pot seats were designed by local artist, Katrina Jayne Bass as part of the Quayside Public Art Programme.  The sculptural steel framework is based upon the willow frame of a Buckie Pot.  Before the days of rubber tyres, these withy ‘baskets’ were used by Manx Fishermen to prevent their boats from rubbing against the quay walls when tied up.  Other such fenders included old corks, coiled rope and bundled nets.

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